Saturday, 29 March 2008


Somewhere in between being on the phone to New York, packing for Russia, cancelling New Delhi and digging the vegetable patch in Ipswich, Jim made us some new furniture. Took him about an hour.

We have been collecting old/unused drawers ready to be incorporated into our Eames inspired shelving unit. (We totally copied this idea from a recycle design book..details to follow). Our drawers were from a variety of sources - this is the part I love the most:

2 drawers from an old roll top bureau given to me by a student who found it on an East Anglian beach
2 drawers and legs from Jims Nan and Grandad's veneered bookcase from the fifties.
1 drawer from an antique stand given by our favourite Australian relatives.

3 drawers from Ikea

It really is beautiful, I love the look of it, sure, but the history, the stories, the family connections andf teh contemporary use of it in our first home together.

Something very special indeed.