Sunday, 2 March 2008


I love Sundays. Who doesnt?

Every week I’m off on my bike, off road, in all weathers.

I am lucky enough to live next door to the Bicycle Doctor, who, when he fixes my bike, he leaves it for me like a birthday present in the back garden. He also delivers fresh eggs for our Sunday breakfasts. A true hero.

Noelle and I ride about twelve miles, watching the landscape change every week. This activity started off as exercise, to counteract our love of good food and wine, but has slowly become more. An adventure, a time to share stories from the week, to laugh, to feel brave and to remember we are alive.

Our husbands can’t quite believe that we do it every week without fail or that we really do love it. We were out today in gale force winds today, the last time we went out, Noelle fell off into a tree and cracked a rib. Now thats what I call an bike ride.