Sunday, 17 February 2008

(A state of relaxation. Preservation and protection of resources).

I had a perfect day on Friday.

We visited Cambridge and went to the Kettles Yard Gallery and House. The gallery was exhibiting selected drawing sequences by William Kentridge and others. Having been blown away by a retrospective of Kentridges incredible work in Stockholm last Easter, it was a real treat.

The Kettles Yard House where Jim Eade lived was a home like no other. A beautiful collection of furniture, books, natural objects, plants, interior pieces, paintings, sculptures, instruments, textiles – a museum? Maybe to some, but essentially to me, a home.

Looking around I could really feel a sense of intimacy, and also afeeling of great joy for all that was there. Despite its great beauty and very precise artistic consideration, it felt comfortable and peaceful.

For us, it was a place to reflect and a place to grow.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Since I got married and changed my name, I thought I'd better build myself a new website.
I'm sad at saying goodbye to the old one, but it served me well.

65, 041 visitors in 18 months.

FInd new work at


I am exited about the development of my work today. I am getting a large-scale illustration digitally printed on to fabric, ready to be box framed. It’s going to look amazing.

And it’s orange.


Beautiful Suffolk skies took us to Felixstowe again. It’s the third time in two weeks I have ventured there. Somethings definitley calling me.

Today saw us filming on Brackenbury Cliffs. My family used to have an orange beach hut there and memories of Summer in the Seventies came flooding back. Nothing quite like it and it's also not that different from St Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. Seriously.

We were filming orange balloons in the sky, but not for long, as my knot wasn’t tight enough and they got away.


The consideration of what Home means to me continues. It’s in everything I do and all that surrounds me because I live in the small town where I grew up.

I went away for ten years and returned. I was happy to, because it wasn’t going to be forever

Seven years on and I still live here. Several of my closest friends who were with me on my 18th birthday, organised my 30th and celebrated my wedding. My wedding was at the church where I was christened, confirmed, saw my sister married and my father buried.

With such a strong sense of presonal history right here, I find reassurance, comfort and peace even in solitude.

Monday, 4 February 2008


I have spent almost all my time since returning from Australia thinking about ideas. Ideas, starting points, questions, passions, social comments, obsessions, thrills, experiments, routines, objects, histories. And more.

Until now, my work has always been about the impossible and out of reach: Surf styled illustrations by a girl living in inner city Birmingham; High Fashion ideals when living in an old servants cottage in Norfolk, even global ambitions from someone who walks the same route to work as she did fifteen years ago for school.

Right now I wanted to be inspired by an idea a little closer to home, something with the strongest foundation and duration of them all. So I thought very hard about what was the most important thing to me in the whole world. And there it was, right here…


Friday, 1 February 2008

It isn't often that one of my students surprises me with something that I just adore, that I hadn't found before. This may seem a rather conceited comment, but it is kinda my job to know more that the students. Or at the very least just make out that I do. . .

Because of Alex I am absolutley loving this website.

These four artist guys sent the book back and forwards from Ireland to Brooklyn NY and each took some time to respond to the previous pages created. It took six moths and the outcome was, obviously, the book. And an exhoibition and a website. An incredible project.

Being obsessed with sketchbooks, journals and all types of visual diaries, this was truly a sight for sore eyes. I am now spending today dreaming of who would be my perfect sketchbook partner. Considering this is the year of doing work I want to do, maybe tthis dream might come true?

Thankyou Alex.