Sunday, 17 February 2008

(A state of relaxation. Preservation and protection of resources).

I had a perfect day on Friday.

We visited Cambridge and went to the Kettles Yard Gallery and House. The gallery was exhibiting selected drawing sequences by William Kentridge and others. Having been blown away by a retrospective of Kentridges incredible work in Stockholm last Easter, it was a real treat.

The Kettles Yard House where Jim Eade lived was a home like no other. A beautiful collection of furniture, books, natural objects, plants, interior pieces, paintings, sculptures, instruments, textiles – a museum? Maybe to some, but essentially to me, a home.

Looking around I could really feel a sense of intimacy, and also afeeling of great joy for all that was there. Despite its great beauty and very precise artistic consideration, it felt comfortable and peaceful.

For us, it was a place to reflect and a place to grow.