Wednesday, 19 March 2008


I have small pockets of time to think about my work: the ride to work, waiting for the lift, in line for a cake, staff meetings, and in the bath.

These moments are precious even though they go hand in hand with the incidental trivia of daily life.

To make work takes longer - I need a few hours of quiet, with my resources ready to go, cats fed, washing on and phone on silent. I've managed to find it on a Wednesday. I am poorer in monetry terms for now, but richer in spirit.

Working within these confines means I have to visualise constantly the actual work I want to produce. I don't have the luxury of time to experiment and wait for happy accidents. This happens in my head, working it out, seeing if it's going to work, giving me the simplest way to produce my idea to its best.

This process worked beautifully today. I wanted to produce a collection of fashion led illustrations showing my pattern work in context. I wanted them to be beautiful and hand made, yet able to work digitally when sent for publishing. The times waiting for cakes had worked and I was happy.