Monday, 22 March 2010

Quiet Voices

I had wanted to make a film for some time to celebrate the life of my father who, if he had lived past 1986 would have been 100 in 2009. This was an important thing for me to do but unworkable if my husband Jim hadn’t agreed to make it following my direction.

We were given the opportunity to submit a film for consideration for the ‘Late at the Tate’ series of evening events back in January. ‘Quiet Voices’, curated by former Big Chill visuals resident John Rixon, was to be an ambient audio-visual feast, celebrating 'Quiet' and the understated.

With Jims expertise and an incredible soundtrack written by my friend Amy Mallett, a five minute film was created over a weekend. I was thrilled with the results and even more excited when it was actually selected to be part of the evenings showcase!

Back in the 1960’s, Dad would take my Mum on dates to Treasury events at Tate Britain. It was an important place for them. It was truly special knowing the film was going to be seen there.

The night was magical. A packed venue, close friends, amazing projections on the walls and a soundtrack by Jon Hopkins made this an incredible evening for all involved. Seeing my tribute to my dad played to a full auditorium was magnificent and will never be forgotton.

With very special thanks to John Rixon who not only gave us this opportunity but also inspired me as a student and set me up on the original blind date with Jim.