Sunday, 28 March 2010

Listen to the Quiet Voice

(This the explanation of my film - a personal comment that I have decided to share...)

Unexpectedly, life went very quiet for me in my former years. Silence, in a once boisterous family home, deprived me of a sense of security and sanctuary. I was frightened and deeply affected by it. However, with the silence came the gradual acceptance of a new sense of home: one that that has continued to nurture me and keep me safe.

I lost a valuable consistency in my life and in that chasm, it has only been in recent years that I have been able to create my own sense of stability. I have come to be dependent on quiet, if not silent, time to work things out. The need to be on my own listening to my inner world is essential and at times, urgent.

Since the long silent days spent in my childhood home, I have been following my quiet voice, my inner compass. I have been led, at times unwillingly, through the quiet to tumultuous storms, fortuitous adventures, and the fulfillment of personal dreams.

Having built a stronghold for myself, my internal dialogue is now concerned with the strengthening of my creative practice with meaningful association. The significance of establishing a home life, both internally and externally is at the heart of all I do.

The film is a timeline of a complex journey and the recognition of our own quiet voice. It honours inner adversity and its potential for growth, and my reconciliation with the past.