Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Its been a while.

There has been so much to do - and so much I planned to do, but then I got sick. Six whole days in bed.
After a couple of days I wondered if I got sick because I was sick of having my time filled up with stuff I didn't want to do...its been great just to lie with the window open and think...

Went to a great show last week at The Big Chill House at Kings Cross. Fabulous work by the talented Mr Wild, I was proud to be there and support my friend. Check out for a visual feast.

Last week was a great week, good news from all sides which is heartwarming and also with an eye to the future. My Wednesday studio day was perfect. I'd been holed up listening to my head carefully and working through ideas, making work and generally feeling inspired and excited about the exhibition. You know, once the ball starts moving, the momentum and capacity for so much more begins. Theres nothing like new aspirations, new ideas and the thought of new destinations to make me get up and get on with it.

The day job however is not quite as inviting as it once seemed....come in lecturing post...maybe your time is up.