Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Wednesday is the new 'work' day. At last I have got myself organised with studio, materials, ideas and energy, all ready to go. Its a relief.

I have finally turned my back on commercial illustration, in the sense that I am now no longer interested in creating work for other people. Wednesdays are about the ideas I want to run with and the direction I want to take them.

I'm a better talker than a blogger, and a better designer than I am a speller. But I am motivated to write the Lulu Horsfield Blog to chart my ongoing progress, obsessions and ambitions. Its all in there, also ready to go.

Working in secret is not about hiding, its about hibernation and conservation. Its about going back to where it all started,forging new routes and finding a different place from which to emerge from.

It's exciting and I'm kinda thinking it will probably change everything.