Thursday, 31 January 2008

10,000 MILES

Its the last day of January 2008. Time is contracting, hopefully one day soon to expand. New Years Day saw us driving down the Great Ocean Road in Australia, wowing at the Twelve Apostles. A truly great way to begin this year.

I carried my sketchbook throughout my adventure across Australia, looking back through it has warmed me now I'm back in arctic gales on the East Coast, 10,000 miles away. My sketchbooks have kept me going the past year, unable to find much time to progress creatively, I have put everything I could into these journals of visual thoughts and notes and now feel glad that they will be archived and kept forever.

I heard fireworks tonite, a secret to most of why, on the last night in January, but not to me. Tonight I have felt glad to celebrate all that life gives to us: of what has been before and what is still yet to come.