Thursday, 11 September 2008


I’ve actually been right here all along.

I’ve been caught up elsewhere, but I guess that what Summer is all about.

I have made a list of some of the really great things that have kept me elsewhere for 127 days

Putting up 41 Art School shows

Seeing Jamie win an award

Meeting and working with one of my all time creative heroes

Spending the day in the sunshine at Walberswick with Joab, Verity & Albie

Looking after Elizabeth & Joe while my poor tired sister slept

Celebrating Ben & Vickys wedding – they arrived by boat!

Camping out by the sea in our new VW Camper

Watching the cats play fighting in the sunshine
Dinner & drinks with in London with Nick
Pleased as punch at the rather unexpected early arrival of Miss Holly Iona Hodgson
Seeing Wendy & Tim so happy

Printing 5 metres of fabric in my own design by hand installing it in the van

Dancing to the Disco Shed at Latitude festival

Watching Emma walk up the aisle with bare feet and flowers in her hair

Getting good news

Helping Liz with her HUGE boat installation and celebrating her private view

Realising I could live pretty well without sugar

Knowing I can rely on Noelle in times of great upset
Being so proud of Jim, playing in front of 30,000 people at The Big Chill

Drinking Champagne with Mel as she dressed for her marriage to Kali

Watched the amazing Carnival Collective at Festinho
Reaching the deadline

I have lot to be grateful for.